PC MightyMax Inc. Website Review & Ratings + PC MightyMax Inc. Coupons
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PC MightyMax Inc. Website Review & Ratings + PC MightyMax Inc. Coupons

PC MightyMax Inc.: Products & Services

PC Mighty Max is a software download website where clients can go to when they have problem with thier windows PC. If the computer is booting too slowly or is hanging often, then that means the registry may have been affected. The software is a free tool for fixing error messages, freezing of the system, crashing or general slowness. Users have reported effective results from using the software.

PC MightyMax Inc.: Company Background

Nothing is known about the founders of PC Mighty Max. There is no physical address, no clue whatsoever about where the company is located. However, the very fact that Alexa ratings show that the website is very popular in the US shows that the founders are located there. The only clue to contacting the management are the e-mail address and the phone number seen on their terms page.

PC MightyMax Inc.: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customer feedback about PC Mighty Max are scanty on the web. There is one feedback on their website homepage. However, there are various comments found on Yahoo Answers and on other forums. The basic things that users mention is how they installed and are unable to uninstall the software. That is not a problem at all. Anyone who wants to uninstall the software should simply e-mail the team.

PC MightyMax Inc.: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

This company does not have any Better Business Bureau ratings. It remains to be seen that a lot of people have downloaded their products on the Internet.  These you can see when make an in-depth search about PC Mighty Max 2011. Both favorable and unfavorable comments exist and they show that this is a real business. As far as research proves, no major offline media house have mentioned the company.

PC MightyMax Inc.: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

PC Mighty Max is somewhat popular online. As mentioned above, there are various comments about the product and how users feel about it. It appears that the website has more than 1,000 daily unique visitors. The 9-year old site has Pagerank 2 and Alexa shows that it is the 208,064th website the world over. In the US, it is the 64,656 most popular website. About 64 other websites have links pointing to PC Mighty Max.

PC MightyMax Inc.: Social Media Presence

The company has no presence on Facebook. But it has a presence on Twitter. There is also no indication that the company has a page on Pinterest or LinkedIn. Most people will agree that PC Mighty Max should at least have a powerful presence on both Facebook and Twitter. The company may consider having a page on Google+ as well, since this is the quickest growing social media tool for 2013.

PC MightyMax Inc.: Website Security & Safety

There are some 33 pages on the website and all of them are safe for browsing. PC Mighty Max is not at all suspicious. For the past 90 days, the site has been certified safe by Google.

The Google reports show that malicious software includes 171 exploits. However, the site does not in any way appear as intermediary for the infection of other sites. The site has hosted malicious software for more than 90 days, yet it has not contaminated any other website.

PC MightyMax Inc.: Pricing & Packages

The price for PC Mighty Max software download is free. But upon setup, some users have reported that they were asked to pay 29 dollars after the initial running of the software. A few other users have commented that they used the product for free. Whatever the case may be, the owners of the product claim on their website that it is totally free.

PC MightyMax Inc.: Shipping Rates & Policies

There is no shipping for this product because users simply download it.

PC MightyMax Inc.: Payment Methods Accepted

There is no indication on their website whether they accept any kind of payment. Usually, sellers like to put the logos of their payment methods on their websites but there is no such thing on this company's website, which shows that it is totally free. Probably, the company will accept payments later.

PC MightyMax Inc.: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company does not have any return or refunds policy. Those comments seen on other websites show that some users want to delete or uninstall the software on their website. Once a person downloads the software and later discovers that he or she does not want it any longer, the software can be deleted.

PC MightyMax Inc.: Product images & screenshots
PC MightyMax Inc. Coupons
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